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The Prophecy Part 3 - Last Part

The Prophecy
Part 3. Blanoir's Revival

That night, they gathered to see what the Oracle’s crystal could reveal. With all her might, she held the crystal and muttered some incantation. She was kneeling, her body shone with blinding light and the vague image started to form. What they could see was a monstrous bird with its body full of hatred and revenge. It was Blanoir’s dark soul within a Phoenix.
                Three days after the prophecy, indeed the Phoenix was coming form the west. All of the heroes, including Srepid, hurried outside to cooperate to defeat the Phoenix. This time, Blanoir was alone, without any of his minion. The Phoenix performed the initial attack to warm up, it winged its way surrounding the kingdom in the speed of light, then soared. The heroes’ vicinity was engulfed in malicious fire.  They tried to dodge the second forthcoming attack. From the height, the Phoenix breathed out sizzling fire from its pointy beak. The fireblast met solid ground and dispersed away, leaving deep crevices.
Buildings were burning, towers were demolished. Afterward,the Phoenix swooped down, attempting to forcefully tackle the element users.  With all her power, Tundrous cast a devastating lightning bolt to strike the Phoenix, which then croaked in pain. The red fiery bird went back to the corpses of Blanoir’s minion.  With its wings fluttering, it let out a shrill scream. All of the carcasses turned into fire souls, hovering in the air, then circling its body and empowering its strength. Then it spread its flaming wings, flapped them, and emitted invisible radiation of fire, annihilating the West Gate, as well as East Gate. The kingdom collapsed into rubble, only some defensive towers left. Now, the Phoenix aimed its beak at the Heroes, and a ray of blistering lava shot from its red beak. Stonehoof formed a tough rock wall, but the lava easily broke it and continued to shoot. Nelcine guarded them by creating an ice barrier in their vicinity. The lava hit the ice and turned into smoke. The Phoenix was maddening. It spread the wings, but this time they failed to flutter. Nelcine shot an ice beam, followed by Tundrous who then cast a lightning bolt. The combination was lethal. One of its wings was badly damaged, but the Phoenix seemed invincible. It flapped the other intact wing, and a fire wave hurtled to their position, and hit all of them. Veredoom was unharmed while conversely, Nelcine fainted.
“Tundrous, electric vortex beneath the Phoenix!” Stonehoof commanded.
The vortex aggravated the Phoenix’s stability. The earthshaker thumped his fist on the ground, and thousand of streamline pointy rocks began to dart toward the Phoenix like bullets. Blanoir’s fake body thudded on the ground, paralyzed and immobilized. The phoenix’s whole body was beginning to melt into hot lava.
“Heroes! Focus! Concentrate on your mind!,” she held the crystal high and whispered to herself,”I won’t let you flee again, Blanoir!” the Oracle unleashed her immense power. The crystal shone, with evil-like black light. The bright sky was suddenly overcast and there was violent squalls. All of the restless souls were sucked into it. Stonehoof soul was sundering from his burly body. Blanoir was struggling hard to avoid the crystal, but the effort was futile. He was pulled in and ensnared in the crystal. Srepid immediately put an end on her incantation, scared that Stonehoof would become soulless. With Blanoir’s soul trapped and the Phoenix dead, the war ended.
Despite the devastated Rendemor, the exhausted Heroes, with the assistance from Srepid, came to a victory. All of Blanoir’s army around the world burst into black smoke. Rendemor and other areas stood in disorder yet peacefully. All people, including the heroes lived in the world with no threat.

The Prophecy Part 2

The Prophecy
Part 2. The Battle

 Tundrous altered the bright blue sky to dark grey atmosphere with flashes of lightning ready to strike downward randomly. The incursion slowed down, but kept approaching the gate. Copious amounts of them struck, but the storm wasn’t cruel enough to stop them. Necline, assisting Tundrous, created a blizzard beneath the dark cloud. The temperature dropped steeply which decelerated the army to slower pace.
                “Veredoom, what are you waiting for ?” Shrieked Tundrous in the chaotic moment.
The firespeller stood still as if he was paralyzed, but he seemed to be waiting for something surreal to happen.  He raised his arms in a sudden, his gaze focused on Blanoir. The adversary didn’t retreat at all, they looked more powerful and mighty in their slow march instead. Abruptly, there was a squally dust storm and this time, the army halted. Stonehoof emerged from under the earth, right in the place where Blanoir stood. Then he thrusted his bulky palm which triggered a superior earthquake, destabilizing the army and, of course, Blanoir who was at the epicentre. The icejinxer and the thundergod were taken aback, but Veredoon didn’t miss his turn. He summoned a fiery meteor from nowhere in the sky, ready to grind Blanoir into pieces. Then something beyond thought happened. Blanoir, on the verge of demise, sundered his shadowy soul with his body before the huge flaming rock plunged into the ground. The dark soul soared upward unnoticeably, leaving the scorching battlefield with burning corpses and nauseating stench.
                A week after the war, the Heroes had been recuperated. They looked blissfully joyful due to Blanoir’s withdrawal. Srepid broke the silence in the morning. She beckoned the heroes over with her gesture and uttered, “ Blanoir is not an inane Dark Arts Master. He shall come back, but not in his former body. The moon is full tonight. I can show you something about his impending plan.”
                No one spoke, the statement had swapped their glee with gloom.

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The Prophecy Part 1

The Prophecy
Part 1. The Oracle's Astounding Remark

The sun shone, illuminating the dim Rendemor with summer-warmth and yellowish light, hot enough for Veredoom, the firespeller, to recharge himself. Conversely, Nelcine, the icejinxer, was hiding herself in the kingdom, considering the exhilarating atmosphere was torrid to her icy body. At the Great Hall, Tundrous, the thundergod, and Stonehoof, the earthshaker, were sparring.
                A lightning bolt cast. To guard, the burly earthshaker formed a towering rock wall in front to hinder the lightning aimed accurately at him. The monstrous earth barrier began to dart toward Tundrous at breakneck speed. She soared and stayed airborne. Then she swooped down with her lethal-looking electrical body. Just before she struck and tackled, Stonehoof abruptly vanished in the dust storm. Tundrous halted and her blurred eyes scrutinized the damp earth frantically, scared that her adversary could emerge unexpectably and commit an unforeseen attack. She suddenly caught sight of a vague sillhouette trotted toward her from the gale. She adapted to counterattack, then lowered her arm when it was vivid enough to reveal Veredoom’s well built body.
                “Stonehoof, show yourself!” yelled the firespeller who was cognizant of Tundrous’ loneliness. “We have a far east guess. Crucial, I guess, if someone has to venture here for ages.”
They returned to the kingdom. Tundrous and Stonehoof were lagged behind due to fatigue. Veredoom and the stragglers arrived at the entrance, then saw Nelcine talking to a scrawny woman with white shimmering crystal in her palm. As they sat down, the oracle introduced, “ My name is Srepid form the east. I venture here to inform you that Blanoir and his massive army has begun the war. My regime has gone. Only some of us survived. I succeeded to escape,” She stopped, almost cried, and continued briskly, “ He and his countless minion are marching here.” All of them but Veredoom stared at her gaping in disbelief. Srepid, as if unfogging the unspoken questions lingering in their minds, added,” I can reveal nothing more to you because I gain power when the moon is full. But, last month when I retreated from my place, they seemed to be planning to invade this city with the aim of defeating you ; therefore they can rule the world without any rebellious hero opposing them. Now, I hope you take heed of my seemingly-silly warning”
                Stonehoof smirked, concealing his utter disbelief, then stated,”After some powwows,we will determine what we are going to do.”
                Nobody laughed even smiled, yet Nelcine tittered. Then Stonehoof escorted Srepid to a room to recuperate after her arduous exhausting journey. When three of them were discussing, the ground outside the kingdom abruptly echoed with the tramp of thousand of people’s feet, Tundrous immediately peered through the window, and noticed that Blanoir and his army were approaching the West. They hurried to the gate, trying to hamper their march. The army was massive. The front line were a group of huge trolls, clutching thorny clubs. In the very centre was Blanoir. The Necromancers were behind, buffing them with dark power. Rendemor was now in a brink of destruction.

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Black Hole

Firstly, I would like to say a big sorry for all of you being my fans for not frequently updating this only-1-post blog. Hahaha.. Like I've uttered before in my initial post, I type in spasm.

Now, let us go to the point, which is about "Holes" . Not that kind of holes you are thinking about, these are scientifically called Black holes, White holes and Worm holes. Yes, they're are plural, countless of them. These terms are pioneered by a physicist in 1969, named John Archibald Wheeler. 

This enormous suck-everything dark hole is the most familiar among you, isn't it ? In the last stage of large stars, they are pulled by a tremendously strong gravitational force surrounding black hole. The force is so strong no lights could escape from it. That is why we call it, "Black Hole". Area around Black hole is called Event Horizon. Once you cross, you can't go back. Stars, in this case planets, are pulled , along with their surrounding colorful atmosphere, giving effects to the hole before they enter and sights to the scientists observing them. Due to the strength of the gravitational forces,everything is squeezed. Let's say, A star is the size of a mountain. It could shrink to approximately a size of a butterfly, yet the mass stays constant. The star would be extremely dense. Then, those shrunk stars become a tiny point in the very center of Black hole, called Singularity. Black hole is divided into 2 kinds , Rotating and Non-Rotating. If you enter a Non-Rotating Black Hole, you are certain to die, period. Conversely, If you're pulled to a Rotating Black Hole, you could somehow avoid the singularity. The way you dodge the singularity is theoretically believed to be what makes time travel likely to happen.If Time travelling is possible , could we now probably meet men from the future ?

White Holes and Worm Holes will appear in the next 2 posts.
Life's Good when you Hum !

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The First Post

This first post is proudly dedicated to my friends involved in the making of my infant blog. Now , you must be thinking " you need help to create this simple blog? ". The answer is yes. I'm not a sophisticated person. I don't have any knack on computer stuff. I always moan when there's a computer project given by the school; consequently, I never get a very high mark in computer. I utterly DO NOT know about blogging as though I don't have a computer at home. I gawk when the computer lesson begins. I'm still gaping 'till the lesson's over. Hahaha.. weird, huh ? when , in this modern day , there's a person who have no interest in computer. But that's me. I am an ordinary person with no big gift in my life.

Anyway , I would like you to occasionally visit my blog. But please don't get mad when the blog's not been updated, cause I 'type' in spasm. Harap maklum. ^^

Life's good when you hum !